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The first date

By Thomas Prill

Actually he didn't look bad that evening. He was wearing the new outfit which he had bought especially. His hair had been freshly cut, so had his fingernails. He had shaved his face for the third time in his life and did not even bleed. He had taken a shower and now wore the odour of his new perfume, not too intensive but also not too little.
Everything was perfect, he had not forgotten anything. His preparations were complete. Nothing could go wrong now. He looked at his watch. Five minutes to go. So he had time for a last check in front of the mirror. Just like the recent ten or twenty last checks.
He left the house, the flowers in his hand. He knew everything was all right but he was still nervous. His greeting-text was well learnt by heart, everything planned in detail. He arrived at Janet's home and knocked on the door. It opened.
He stared at the ground, recognizing Janet's shoes. He wanted to speak and looked into her emerald eyes. All the words were gone with that glance. She smiled at him and gave him his first kiss. They had a beautiful time.

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